Who we are and our mission

Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia is one hundred per cent Aboriginal owned and operated located in Darwin. We broadcast across Darwin, Northern Territory and Australia. Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia operates Radio Larrakia 94.5FM, National Aboriginal Radio (Vast Satellite Ch 913), Darwin FM 915, Aboriginal TV Channel 41, Tourism TV Channel 42, Education TV Channel 43, TVNT Channel 44, Aboriginal Media College and Sea Eagle Productions.

Our vision is to raise the expertise and profile of the Indigenous Broadcasting and Media industry in Australia, increase the number of Indigenous Australian films, television programs, documentaries, videos, production, radio broadcasting, and importantly encourage more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in all aspects of the broadcasting industry as broadcasters, directors, producers, writers, editors, presenters, camera operators, sound, lighting and much more.

Our purpose is to create greater understanding and awareness of the unique diversity of Larrakia Traditional Owners and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, languages, knowledges, traditions and the lifestyles of the first peoples of Australia.